CORDOVA ALASKA .   Black Bears Buffet received an HONERABLE MENTION in the  national mixed media art show held each year at the Cordova museum.. 

Pictorial quilted art is the medium that I work in using a collage style with  personal digital photography.  I transfer the photography to cloth  then combine  it with commercial and hand dyed fabric  leting me share stories in the round. 




My goal for you

 is to look at my

quilted art and

 have it tell you

 a story………..

In the little Black Bears first summer he spent many happy hours at his mothers side.  As he tumbled and played he also learned how to forage for food and where to sleep.  As the seasons changed he learned how to survive in the Alaska wilderness.   His classroom was filled with excitement — dangers — and the thrill of the unknown.

In his first year alone after leaving his mothers side the little black bear remembered the stream near Cordova where the salmon came each year to spawn.  It was a BLACK BEARS BUFFET for a short time each year.   It was a  time to eat until he was fat and chubby, a time of plenty.  Soon it would be the winter season and he would make a warm and snuggly den to spend the winter dreaming of next years BUFFET.

Black Bears Buffet 2009 ……SOLD ……. and I am happy that he will be making his home in Cordova. 

2009 © Sandee Soleim


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