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Isn’t It Wonderful ——

                Isn’t it wonderful that we are all different.

                     But all on the same creative journey.

       Let your minds Hummmmmm with creative ideas.

               ( Hum to be in energetic motion – action )    

                Let your heart LOVE your creative ideas.

                               ( LOVE to delight in )

                Let your hands ITCH to creat your ideas.

                  ( ITCH  a constant and craving desire )

                       Let your feet do a HAPPY dance.

            ( HAPPY enjoying and expressing pleasure )



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    Enjoy a cup of coffee

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    Welcome to my world and

    the love of sharing Art Quilts

   and my photography.






         Your DREAMS determine your goals.     Your GOALS map out your actions.

         Your ACTIONS create results.              And your RESULTS bring you success.        

         My goal for you is to look at my quilted art and have it tell you a story…….



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